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Network: Council: Young Women

Region: Scranton–Wilkes-Barre (PA)

Welcome to The Young Woman's Chamber of Commerce Network™.  We invite you to explore and join our activities as shown below.  You may also want to explore and join the Special Interest Groups associated with this Network.

Leaders: Margot Dorfman, USWCC Leadership

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Pennsylvania - Scranton–Wilkes-Barre (PA)



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    Action Alert: Military Justice Improvement Act (MJIA) 11/6/2013

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    DC Legislation Introduced: The Title IX Athletic Equity Act of 2013 9/23/2013

    From the National Women's Law Center

    Last week, the D.C. Council unanimously introduced a bill requiring all D.C. public schools, including charters, to annually make public data on how they are allocat...
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    AAUW Releases State Rankings on Equal Pay 9/19/2013

    AAUW Releases State Rankings on Equal Pay Based on New Census Data

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    Most Women Working Today Will Not See Equal Pay During their Working Lives 9/18/2013

    Most Women Working Today Will Not See Equal Pay 
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    Running Start's Young Women's Political Summit! 6/26/2013

    Dear Friends,

    Girl Scout Research Institute Publishes: Having It All: Girls and Financial Literacy 6/16/2013

    While lack of financial literacy is a growing concern for everyone today, relatively little research has been done on how young people think about and experience money and finances, with even fewer studies focusing on girls specifically. To address this gap, the Girl Scout R...
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    USWCC Supports Harriet Tubman Statue Maryland Legislation 3/9/2012

    In 2011, Maryland NOW and a coalition supported a bill to replace one of Maryland's two official state statues in the Statuary Hall collection at the U.S. Capitol with a statue of Harriet Tubman.   

    The original intent for this visible presence of a Ma...
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    This Holiday Season Commit to Buying from Women-Owned Firms! 11/20/2011

    Happy Holidays!!!  I was ushered in by holiday music 10 days ago… And, I see this as a friendly reminder to revisit The Women Led Economy™. Learn More