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ASBCC | Economic Development Center

Working together, we build a better economic future for all.

The ASBCC | Economic Development Center brings together members from across the United States for connections, information and expert insights, resources and tools --- all aimed at growing and securing your financial future.  To get started, join The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce and begin taking advantage of our many tools and resources.

Connectivity and focus are at the cornerstone of our economic power and growth.  Through our deep set of regional and interest networks and groups, we connect you to other members in your region and in shared areas of interest.  As you join, you will automatically be placed in at least one Regional Network (your primary network).  And, as you explore, you may always click on the, "Join this Network" link to become part of a regional or interest area network or group.   When you join a network, you will be connected to other members, receive updates and notifications, and take part in discussions and meetings.

Throughout the ASBCC | Economic Development Center, you will find links to other members in your regions and interest areas, or by navigating to ther "Connections" page where you may search for members, view who is online now, recent registrations, etc.  And, when you navigate to a member's online profile, you may click on the, "Add to My Connections" to request a connection with the member.

Reading blogs from members and Featured Bloggers is a great way to get a pulse of what is happening on topics of interest from around the globe.

A cornerstone of economic growth and security is accessing trusted, expert advice.  The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce is answering the call for trusted advice through the development of hte ASBCC | Board of Experts.  ASBCC | Board of Experts members are carefully selected and prepared to support your economic advancement and are continually monitored to assure you receive the best quality information and support possible.  Explore our "Experts," our Q & A area (where the ASBCC | Board of Experts answer your questions), and our Learning Center.

The Learning Center is a growing repository of articles and insights on financial growth and security provided by the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce and the ASBCC | Board of Experts.  

The Resource Center provides a listing of regional, national and international resources to help you grow and protect your financial future.