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Region: Toledo (OH)

We're connecting members all across the U.S. If you are in the Toledo (OH) region, we invite you to join The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce™ and register for this region.
Leaders: Margot Dorfman

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Ohio - Toledo (OH)


We're looking for regional leaders in Toledo (OH)
Hello Ohio!  The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce™ has boldly stepped up to to restore the vibrancy, innovation, profitability and community strength of America's small businesses. We believe Main Street America is desperately in need of business leaders who care about our families and our communities, and who will grow businesses in our neighborhoods restoring economic vibrancy and community vitality.

If you are ready to lead in your community, please let us know. We'll give you complete details, training and support, and help you need to make real progress in your community.

Defense Logistics Agency TKO Training - October 22 - 24, 2013 9/28/2013

Businesses are cordially invited to attend the DLA Land and Maritime Training, Knowledge and Opportunities (TKO) Seminar and Workshop, October 22-24, in Columbus, Ohio. 

The first two days are introductory sessions on how to do business with the DLA. The third day is optional and will be an in-depth workshop covering the Value Engineering Program and Alternate Offers that are b...
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